Mission Statement

Met Youth endeavours to engage our current Orthodox youth and young adults in the living life of the Church.
It does this through the emphasis on three main aspects of Christian life; Church, Camp & Mission (CCM).
In order for one to be an active and vibrant young member of the church, we believe that one needs to be active in the liturgical life of the home parish (Church), participate in the total immersion of Orthodox communal life that is exemplified in summer camp (Camp), and learn how to give of one’s self through Christian outreach and evangelism (Mission).

YOU are Met Youth and we’re here to serve you!

The Met Youth Board was founded in the nineties and is an affiliate of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada). The board is comprised of enthusiastic young men and women from as far east as Nova Scotia to as far west as British Columbia! Our mandate is three fold: to connect Greek Orthodox youth in Canada, to communicate the Orthodox faith, and to cultivate local youth groups and initiatives in cities across Canada.

Connectconnectinging Greek Orthodox youth

Putting you in touch with other Met Youth across Canada is a priority for us! Our National and Regional Youth Assemblies alternate every year and provide a unique opportunity for you to exchange ideas, learn about our Orthodox faith and make new friends in a cool, new city. For Met Youth who love God’s great outdoors, there is Camp Met, which combines awesome outdoor activities with Orthodox education and worship. If you’ve always wondered what life is like beyond our Canadian borders, then consider   joining our Missions team–plans are in the works for a new trip, hopefully as soon as this summer!

communicatingCommunicating the Orthodox faith

The Orthodox faith is founded on rich traditions and theology dating back to the time of the Apostles… But this doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant to life in the 21st century! The Orthodox faith is a timeless gift–whether we have been given this gift by our family or discovered it for ourselves, if unopened we’ll never know what’s inside and how it could change our lives. Our goal is to help you discover Christ within yourself, and others, whether you’re listening to a keynote speaker during a Youth Assembly, sharing personal experiences around the camp fire or seeing life   through the eyes of orphans in Guatemala. You can ask questions, voice your opinions and learn about the experiences of other Met youth using our facebook page which is available 24/7, 365 days a year! You can also tune into the iEcclesia podcast which brings Orthodox clergy and Christians together to discuss a range of topics from stress at school to saints of the Orthodox Church to evolution.

groupsCultivating Met youth groups and initiatives

YOU are Met Youth and we’re here to serve you! We want to know who you are, where you’re from and what you need to develop and support local youth programs. We want to help cultivate Met Youth groups and initiatives regardless of whether they are just taking baby steps and starting up or are fully grown and ministering to many. No youth group is too big or too small, we love them all! Contact us and share your successes, challenges and dreams.


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