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I am currently reading ’The Book Thief’ by Mark Zusak. It is about a little girl given away by her mother to foster parents, and it takes place before and into the Second World War. These poor people lived in fear of attack at any moment. Food was limited, and any material luxuries were out […]

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“The Divine Liturgy is truly a heavenly service upon earth…There is nothing upon earth holier, higher, grander, more solemn, more life-giving than the Liturgy.” + St. John of Kronstadt I should state at the outset that I come from a rather eccentric background of Seventh-Day Adventism, intense anti-Christianity, and most recently, Roman Catholicism. I have […]

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Currently I’m taking a university course called Introduction to Christianity. Our classes for the first couple of weeks have been discussing topics regarding the start of Christianity and the first churches; The Orthodox Church being one of them. Topics like The Great Schism and The Fall of Constantinople that have shaped our church have been […]

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“At this point in human history we have enough material resources to feed, clothe, shelter, and educate every living individual on Earth. Not only that: we have at the same time the global capacity to enhance health care, fight major diseases, and considerably clean up the environment.”

I read this quote in a book I […]

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As I continue to learn and inquire about my faith, I take great interest in learning more about the saints of our church, who without them, we wouldn’t have such a strong and recognizable faith. St Katherine is one saint that I take great interest in, as her story is one that inspires me […]

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Fasting for Christmas

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In today’s society, we are constantly being bombarded with food trends. Fast food, popular and trendy foods, healthy and unhealthy foods, and all forms of food are used for nutritional purposes. In addition, food is also used for social and pleasurable purposes. Food being such a great role in our lives not just for physical […]

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The Importance of Involvememt

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With the many different activities accessible for the youth today, it can be easy to forego one of the most important. Often our extra curricular activities or our favorite television shows overlap with activities within our church. However, we must not forget the importance of being involved with our church.

What does it mean to […]

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The Power of Prayer

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The power of prayer cannot be underestimated.
Often we think of prayer as an individual activity. But for Orthodox
Christians, there is an emphasis on prayer of the whole community. Birthday
parties as I was growing up were my favourite. It was a time where everyone
came together and enjoyed each […]

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