In today’s society, we are constantly being bombarded with food trends. Fast food, popular and trendy foods, healthy and unhealthy foods, and all forms of food are used for nutritional purposes. In addition, food is also used for social and pleasurable purposes. Food being such a great role in our lives not just for physical life and bodily function, but also in a social and enjoyable way makes it a great sacrifice to make in times of holy praise. Being a religious individual, during such times of praise, fasting makes it easy for us to remember the sacrifices made to us by God and Jesus.

As Orthodox Christians, we use food as a form of repentance to draw us closer to god during fasting periods. By denying the body red meat, poultry, meat products, eggs, dairy, fish, oil and wine, we deny our body pleasurable foods, which allows us to focus on our faith. Fasting is not done for physical deprivation but for spiritual growth.

So why is it so hard to fast in today’s day and age? Quite simply, it is not. Giving up something so miniscule for such a short period of time to show our appreciation, grow as spiritual individuals and rejoice in the birth of Christ is a beautiful thing. During the holidays, it is important to remember this, and to also remember our faith.

Written By: Eleni Panagopoulos


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