As I continue to learn and inquire about my faith, I take great interest in learning more about the saints of our church, who without them, we wouldn’t have such a strong and recognizable faith. St Katherine is one saint that I take great interest in, as her story is one that inspires me to be a stronger Christian and become closer to my faith. She is the Patron saint of the youth and someone who at such a young age was able to avoid temptations and stay strong in her faith.

As a young woman, St Katherine sought the wisest and richest man to marry. Through spiritual guidance and prayer she realized the one and only who would fit that role was Jesus Christ. As such a wise and beautiful young woman, many tried to sway her away from her Christian way thinking. Though she was persecuted because of her strong stance on Christianity she was able to turn away from temptation and convert others to the Christian faith.

Entering the fasting period, I hope we all put more effort into connecting with our faith and educating ourselves – especially the youth of our communities. We are never too young or too old to learn more and speak openly about our faith. St. Katherine is a great role model for us all and as we celebrate her feast day on November 25th, let us remember that we should always be proud and never stop educating ourselves whether it is through prayer, reading or asking questions.

Written By: Katerina Karidas


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