With the many different activities accessible for the youth today, it can be easy to forego one of the most important. Often our extra curricular activities or our favorite television shows overlap with activities within our church. However, we must not forget the importance of being involved with our church.

What does it mean to be involved with the church? This means being immersed in our faith through prayer and liturgy, but also interacting with other members. As we try to grow in our faith, helping others to do the same is important – others who might need guidance, or support, or even just a friend.

What are some great ways to get involved? There are many youth groups who encourage membership. There are groups such as GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth Association) or camps such as Camp Metamorphosis, spread across the country. There are also associations within local churches. These groups are great for teaching the youth about their faith, and also for introducing them to other youth who share their same values.

Getting involved in your church is not only important, but also beneficial. It helps strengthen your commitment to your faith, it introduces you to a supportive group of friends, it presents influential people you can look up to, but it also is a lot of fun. So make an effort to join a new association, or even to go to church for special services and feast days. Being supportive of your church community, you will get support in return.

Written By: Arete Zafiriou


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