Currently I’m taking a university course called Introduction to Christianity. Our classes for the first couple of weeks have been discussing topics regarding the start of Christianity and the first churches; The Orthodox Church being one of them. Topics like The Great Schism and The Fall of Constantinople that have shaped our church have been brought to my attention in a different way than before. I’ve known of these events from learning it in Sunday school, but what really struck me this time was what the Church has endured since its beginning, but the strength it has maintained. Despite The Great Schism and The Fall of Constantinople as well as other historical events, the Church has always remained true to its roots, and refused to fall as a denomination. This is inspirational because not only has the church has stayed strong through very difficult times, but because of these difficult times, the church has received positive outcomes: approximately 200 million followers worldwide. Being in university and meeting its demands can be very stressful, and can sometimes affect a person’s mental wellbeing. But, to know the Church stayed strong through times of extreme affliction is comforting and inspiring.


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